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Campus Bot is a chat bot that was born at IIT Delhi. Campus Bot is one stop solution for all the campus needs that students and the faculty in the campus can use. It has been integrated into numerous chatting platforms. Presently the bot has been trained for IITD but it can be later on trained for any campus by just modifying the format of the entry number i.e the Admission number. It has many functionalities which are described below:


Class Schedule

The user can ask about his/her classes schedule for the day, for tomorrow, for a specific date or for the complete week. This can be achieved by the message "schedule for < specific_date >" or by "schedule" to get the full week's schedule.


Who is this?

This allows the user to ask the details about any student in the IITD campus by just sending a message "who is (name/entry number)" . The bot replies by telling the name, entry number and the email address where the user can contact the person. This has personalized results based on the year and the dept of the user.


Mess Menu

The user can ask for the menu of his/her hostel's mes for a particular day or for the current day depending on what the user asks. This can be achieved by the message "mess < day >".


Events on Campus

Various clubs of IIT Delhi, have their fb pages and regularly post the events. But unfortunately, there is no centralised service which can tell them the events going on in the campus. This chat bot tells you the events going on and the future events by just sending "events" as a message.


Complaint System

This is a very useful feature as it lets the user lodge a complaint for any problem by just sending a message "complaint" and then answering the questions regarding the complaint. The complaints logged can be viewed at Complaints Page.


Exam Schedule

The user can download view the schedule of the examinations and can set up SMS reminders for the courses they are registered in by just sending a message "Exam Schedule". These reminders and examination schedule can be really helpful while preparing for exams.


Course Review

The bot can provide a review on any course on the basis of the reviews it has recieved from other users. The user can also submit his/her review. This can be invoked by just sending the message "course review "


Course Material

The bot can also provide with the course material like books, notes, tutorial sheets etc. of any course being taught. The database is built using a crowd-sourcing model that allows different users to upload course files just from the bot. The mode can be invoked by sending the message "course material".


Paper Download

The user can download Past Question papers for the courses they are registered in by just sending a message "Question papers". These question papers can be really helpful while preparing for exams.


Course Info

The bot tells about the information of the course that is floated in the present semester by just sending the message "course < course_code > ".



The user can ask faqs related to any institute policy and even ask for telephone numbers. The FAQ mode can be started by sending faq as a message.



The first time user says a Hi, the bot replies back by asking the user, his/her name and entry number which will be used for all future correspondences and chats.

Some Cool Stuff

Clean and Organized Code

The code of the chatbot is modular, enought to make any organization deploy their chat bots with just a few clicks. They just require some API keys, database of the data in the specified format, and an azure account with a valid subscription to deploy the campus bot.

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Video Stuff

Super Cool Demo Video

Say 'hi' at start and use '2015CS10201' as entry number if you don't have one.

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